Thursday, 9 August 2012

Cards For Sale and Help

Hey guys

As you might have seen on my last post I am changing my blog so its not just beauty but so its about anything I want to blog about. Some of you may know that for a while now I have been making greetings cards. I have recently really been enjoying making them and have been thinking of creating a big cartel shop selling them. If you have any name ideas for the shop please let me know.

I can make custom made cards for birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Weddings, Baby's, New home, congratulations, exams, welcome home, any other religious events. I can personalise cards with names and most colours and embellishments can be changed.

I was thinking of selling the cards for £1.75 - £3.00 inc postage depending on the event and personalisation. All payment will be through paypal. I have sold a few cards already and made a specially requested one which is ready to be posted. If you would like one please email me or leave a comment with all the details of what you want on your card and I will send you a price to see if you still want the card.

These pictures are a few that I have made for friends and family. I have also sold a few very similar to these but personalised more.

If you want to order a card I will email you with pictures of the card before I stick it down with suggestions of other things I could do and just to make sure you like it. The card below was requested for Eid. I sent pictures of what the card would look like with and without certain pieces to make sure it is just right for the person.

As you can see the above picture has beads inside the sequins and the below picture doesn't this is so the customer can decide which way they like it.

If you have a request please leave it below. I can now also do personalised cards if someone has been travelling. If you want more information please email me at

What do you think of my cards?

Megan x

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