Sunday, 12 August 2012

Darwood & Tanner Brazillian Lime Toothpaste | Review

When I did my last Luxbox post I had a lot of comments from people asking me to review the most intriguing product in the box, a lime flavored toothpaste. 

To be quite honest there isn't an awful lot I can say about this because I absolutely hate it. They claim that the flavours are "mouth watering, which actively encourage all the family to love their teeth."

I got all my family to try this and they all agreed with me that it is the most horrible tasting toothpaste ever. I had to brush 3 more times with a colgate toothpaste before the horrible taste was gone from my mouth. In all honesty I did only try it once because I couldn't bear the taste again. This is heading for the bin as its no use to anyone in my house.

I definitely wouldn't recommend this and for £4.99 I feel it is very expensive for a toothpaste.

Have you tried a non mint flavored toothpaste?

Megan x


  1. I hate it when products don't work for you. I think I'll stick with my good old minty toothpaste lol xoxoxo

  2. I have to agree with you whole heartedly I tried it once, and sadly it then went into the bin and I had to quickly re-brush my teeth with normal toothpaste - morning after taste was grim as well.

    One to stay away from for sure! x