Sunday, 12 August 2012

Crayola Madness

Crayola pens, pencils and crayons were always the big thing when I was little. I still use the pencils and felt tip pens to this day as they are such good quality. Anyway this post isn't about stationary, it is about an iPod case from Griffins technology. My Animal Lovin post is one of my most viewed and commented on posts so I thought I would talk about my new iPod case.

The iPod case is made to look like a crayola crayon. The crayon I have is in the colour purple pizzazz. The names on all 4 of the cases are so cute. The case also comes in pink - cotton candy, green - Caribbean green and blue - blue berry.

The case is a clip on, hard shell case which I usually don't like as I feel they don't give as much protection as the silicone and other flexible cases. However as the design is so cute I really don't mind too much. 

The cases cost about $24.99 from here.

What do you think of the Crayola cases?

Megan x

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