Saturday, 25 August 2012

My Favourite Magazines

Although I mainly read blogs to find out about products, I do love to read magazines too. I don't really ever get the magazines that are over £2.50 as I think that is quite expensive for a magazine when I can get the exact same information on the internet. 

I have a few favourite magazines that I tend to get every time they come out. 

Every single month without fail I buy Glamour magazine. Most of the time it is £2 but every couple of months it goes down to £1. I really like the variety of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and real life stories. Another plus is that the font is really easy to read throughout the magazine.

Company Magazine is my least favourite of the 3 mentioned. I really like the fashion pages and last month's fashion around the world article really caught my eye. It costs £2 and is occasionally £1. The font of this magazine is sometimes quite tricky to read.

The Boots Health And Beauty Magazine is amazing. For starters if you have a Boots advantage card (if you don't you should seriously get one) the magazine is free! Yes that's right free. If you don't have an advantage card it is still really cheap at £1. This magazine is perfect for me, a magazine full of beauty products. This comes out every 2 months.

What are your favourite magazines?

Megan xx


  1. I love Glamour too, it's a really good price for what you get, it's always full of fab features. I like Cosmo too but don't tend to buy it so much anymore as I can't bring myself to spend almost £4 on it! Only when it comes down to a special £2 price, it occasionally happens! x

  2. I love company, it's my new magazine crush. I am a magazine a holic I don't know how I didn't know about the boots magazine, thank you for informing me :) I'm chuffed now xx

  3. I really like company and buy it quite regularly but I agree, the font is a massive pain to read! I feel like its really straining my eyes some times x