Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Best Of 2013: Skincare

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2014 is a great year for you all! These are my top skincare picks of 2013. This isn't my whole skincare routine, just products which I find really really work and ones which would be hard for me to replace with something else.  

As a teenager I have recently started to get quite bad acne and blemishes on my face. Luckily the majority of it is on my forehead so my fringe covers it. It is the best spot gel I have ever tried and unlike others it doesn't dry the skin out. It really does reduce redness and makes spots look 'less angry'.

This product has been a life saver this past year. I keep it in my bag and as soon as a spot or blemish starts to appear I dab a bit of this onto it and it keeps them at bay. I love that this is a totally natural product so it's safe to put on the skin as often as you like. I personally think everyone needs this in their life as it is suitable for all skin types and everyone gets the odd blemish and this stops them coming out at full force. 

This is my favourite way to remove make up as it is so gentle on the skin and doesn't sting my eyes. It is so effective at removing eye make up and is perfect to use before a cleanser. Basically its water which removes make up, its completely scentless too. It claims to tone skin but I haven't noticed any benefits in this respect. I love the look of the packaging and really cannot fault this. 

Although I normally hate any type of oil in a product I love this. Its an oil cleanser which dissolves make up and cleanses the skin. Even though it's an oil I don't find this leaves any residue or has a negative impact on my combination skin. I find that once I've used it my skin look more awake and bright.

Sorry I can't find a link to this but don't think it's been discontinued. This is in my opinion on par with the Liz Earle cleanse and polish if not a bit better as it is slightly thicker and more moisturising on the skin. I massage this onto my face for about 2 minutes then leave it for a minute (as it says on the back) and then use a washi cloth to take it off (I will talk about my love for Washi clothes in another post). The scent is lovely and fresh and this is something I really enjoy using every evening. Another great thing is it removes make up and doesn't really sting the eyes - winner!

This moisturiser is so light and non greasy and as it's designed for oily skin it has a mattifying ingredient so that skin doesn't look more shiny than it did before moisturising. People with oily skin don't always realise how important it is to moisturise even with their skin type but Amie have made a range of products designed to be beneficial to oily skin. Another plus point is that all of the ingredients are natural.

I have quite dull skin so use this when I want my skin to look a bit more alive. I really love this mask. It goes onto the skin so smoothly and doesn't leave the redness that a lot of face masks cause. This is suitable for all skin types and contains a blend of essential oils so has great skin benefits.

This is the ultimate cleansing mask. It has microbeads in it to provide exfoliation when applied as well as having a secret pore shrinking ingredient. I use a grape sized amount once a week and my skin is in a fairly good condition and think this is one of the miracle products I've been using. I've done a full review of the fab pore facial peel here if you want to see my full thoughts about it. 

Let me know what your favourite skincare product of 2013 was!

Megan xx


  1. Loved the ren clarifying clay cleanser. And also the soap and glory got cloth cleanser is amazing. I tried it out and an deffo gonna repurchase when I've finished the pile of cleansers in my cupboard. Xoxo

    1. Ren is definitely a brand I want to try this year after hearing so many good things about them! Soap and Glory is a fab skincare brand so I always end up repurchasing before using stuff up, whoops! xx

  2. I'm definitely going to be checking out the Witch hazel product as even though I'm 21, I've been prone to breakouts recently and nothing has worked yet! Thank you! :-)

    1. As it's all natural, even if it doesn't work it shouldn't have any negative effects on the skin so it's worth a try especially as it's so cheap :) xx