Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Eggs Recipe Book

Egg's has got the be the book with the least original name ever! I love baking so love getting new recipe books which I can use. Eggs does what it says on the front and inside it houses hundreds of recipes which use eggs. The book has everything from ice cream and sauce recipes to how long to boil an egg for which is something a lot of people aren't sure of. There really is a recipe in here for everyone. Every recipe is accompanied by beautiful pictures and really easy to follow instructions.

The book is great if you like to cook or if you like to bake and I'd say it's a really great recipe book if you don't have many as there is a recipe for most things in there. Another thing that I love is that unlike other recipe books the recipes in Eggs are things which I would actually make/eat and doesn't include ingredients that you can only get from that one market in Italy!

The book only costs £6.99 on Amazon so you really get a lot of recipes for your money as the book is pretty thick, it has over 300 pages! It's also a hard back so will stay in good condition even whilst it's being thrown around in the kitchen. I have referred to this book a few times since I got it and am really enjoying using it.

What's your favourite recipe book?

Megan xx

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