Saturday, 4 January 2014

Boots Boxing Day Shopping

Yes, I am aware that this is a week and 2 days late but I asked on twitter a couple of days ago and people still wanted to see what I bought in the Boxing Day sales. Sorry! I do have to admit I only went to Boots as I go to Boots every Boxing Day. My Boots opened at 7am this year so I was queued up outside at 6:30am! The shop itself is pretty small and there is only one aisle of gifts so I was lucky to get what I did.

The Ted Baker 'it had to be' mini hat box set was a bargain at only £5. The products included inside the mini hat box are a body spray, bath foam, body wash and body souffle. I have so far only tried the body spray and love it. The scent of these products is really sweet and a little bit floral which personally I love, but I don't think the scent is for everyone!

The box that the products come in is so beautiful and I think the classy floral print with the bold neon pink go perfect together. The products inside are wrapped up in a Ted Baker tissue paper so would have made a perfect gift. That is one thing I always find with Ted Baker, the packaging is always pristine and extra effort is always made to make the products feel even more luxurious.

The Gok Wan mini indulgence set wasn't something that I had my eye on at all this year, in fact none of the Gok Wan collection took my fancy this year. The set was an absolute steal at only £5 for 5 products and gorgeous packaging. The box has a flip up lid with a see through 'window' which I think makes the gift set look a lot more expensive than it was (even full price). 

The products included are bath essence, body wash, body lotion, shower scrub and hand balm. They all smell divine and the scent reminds me of that of luxury spa brands. All of the products have argon oil in which is supposed to be brilliant for the skin so I will let you know how I get on with these.

The bottles are so elegant with the gold lids and writing and very simple, classic bottle design. I will definitely be putting these bottles in my bathroom as they are so beautiful and will look lovely in my bathroom!

I know my local Boots still has a few sale items in stock so if you saw something before Christmas that you want its worth having a look in your local Boots store.

I'd love to know if your bought anything in the sales this year!

Megan xx


  1. I love the Ted Baker spray in that set, it's so easy to travel around with as well because it's so small.


    1. I love it too, the scent lasts so long on the skin too! xx

  2. I have missed out on the Boots sale this year, gutted. I always ended up buying things I didn't know I needed until I saw them half price in Boots!!

    1. That's such a shame, although you definitely can't go in without buying something, its a danger to my bank account! xx

  3. Wow the Gok Wan packaging looks so luxe! Great bargains you picked up there :)

    - Iram @ Lovestruck for Louboutins