Monday, 20 January 2014


It's not something that we think about a lot but a lot of problems are caused by beauty treatments whether that be something as basic as a leg wax to something as major as cosmetic surgery. When something does go wrong and people are left in pain or more seriously with major complications to their health going through a legal battle is one hassle that people would prefer not to have to do. However imagine you turn to your solicitor and they fail to help whether that be by not providing you with the correct documents or 'forgetting' about your case altogether. Solicitor negligence is something which is spoken about much however when it happens it can be very stressful for the injured party. They put all of their trust into their solicitor, the one person who has the power to help and they aren't treating your case in the necessary way. Redress Law are specialists in solicitor negligence and can help to put a case right if it has been handled in the wrong way. Redress Law are there to help when even your own solicitor isn't! Of course this doesn't just apply to beauty treatments, Redress Law are specialists in personal injury, employment, property and divorce so are likely to be able to help no matter what the situation. 

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