Thursday, 19 April 2012

Bargain Satchel

Hi I'm Carrie from Not Just Skin Deep Beauty. My blog is mostly focused on beauty, though I do touch upon fashion now and again. I'm a fashion design student so really I should blog more about fashion than I do! 

In an attempt to be more fashion focussed, I thought I'd share with you a recent bargain purchase I made.

Recently I've been absolutely loving all the structured leather satchels that have been slowly popping up everywhere,and here are some of the bags I'd been lusting after:
L-R:  Red Satchel from ASOS, £85 - Blue Satchel from Just4Leather, £82 - Brown Satchel from ASOS, £105

 I love all the bold colours they come in, and the look of the strong cut leather - but the price tag is seriously off-putting. As a student with VERY little money, I really can't justify spending £100 on a handbag, no matter how nice it may be! 
I'd almost given up on the idea of owning one of these until I came across this beauty: 

The Satchel

I found this bag on eBay for £14.99 - a much kinder price than £100! This one is the beige colour, but it also comes in black and brown.
Obviously its a fake leather, but I think the bag is great quality.

The front pocket is quite flat against the main part of the bag, so I'm not really sure what you could fit in there! But the rest of the bag is big enough to fit everything I need. 

Personally I love bags with lots of compartments, and as you can see from the photo this bag is pretty much lacking in that area. But in the photo next to the one I mentioned, you can see it fits my bag organiser (I think it was £3 from Primark) perfectly! So I'm definitely happy with this purchase.

Just to give you an idea of its size, here it is in a rather awkward OOTD:

You can purchase the satchels here, and the seller also lists 2 cheaper/smaller versions.

Thank you Megan for letting me guest post! I hope you found this post helpful, and hopefully it's helped you save a few pennies! Do check out my blog here, I'd love to hear if you have any bargain buys you recommend!


  1. This is a beautiful satchel and at such a beautiful price too! Love it!
    Elle xxx

  2. Beautiful blog with so many inspiring ideas! Great work:) Would you like to follow each other?

  3. This is such a bargain for such a gorgeous satchel, looks like really good quality too.

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  4. I love ebay for deals like that, seems like a lovely satchel :) I just followed your blog and I love it! :)