Sunday, 8 April 2012

Perfumes Club

When I recently had the chance to review some products from the Perfumes Club I was so excited, I found it so difficult to decide what products I wanted. The Perfumes Club is basically an online site selling perfume, makeup and even sunglasses among other things. They are based in Majorca and have up to 75% of their products. 

There is over 4000 products from the most prestigous brands on the site, with items from Perfume brands Mark Jacobs and Juicy Couture to makeup brands from Elizabeth Arden and Chanel to choose from so i'm sure you can see why I struggled to choose. 

I placed my order with the site just as any paying customer would, so I could get a feel for the experience. I had problems (not being able to find the right options and things) but the customer service team is AMAZING and got back to me within about an hour so I was very impressed. You can pay by paypal, bank transfer and credit card so its easy for everyone.

The postage costs £6.90 or is free if you spend £130. After you order and pay you get a text message informing you that your order is being shipped and a day later you have your ups tracking code so you know when to wait in for the products. I think I ordered on a Wednesday and it arrived on the Tuesday so really quick delivery considering where its coming from.

Anyway I chose Burberry Body 60ml which costs £39.11 instead of the £70 Boots would squeeze out of you. I also got the Marc Jacobs Oh Lola 30ml which cost £28.73 instead of £46.50. Both of these are massive savings and I can tell you the Perfume is 100000% authentic its so good that it is such good prices. 

I chose Burbury body after trying a sample and loving it. Its quite a musky scent but still quite fresh. I love the golden bullet bottle, I think it looks very sophisticated.

Oh Lola by Marc Jacobs is the one I wasn't sure about, I liked it when I tried it in shops but it didn't wow me. Anyway the day before I choose these I went perfume smelling and really liked it that time and now its my favorite perfume. The bottle is gorgeous and as pink is my favorite colour looks lovely on my dressing table. I love the big plastic flowers that make up the lid.

I had a great experience with the Perfumes Club and will certainly be ordering from there the next time im in need of a perfume.

Megan xx


  1. Oooh such good deals! I will now check out that site, thanks! :)

    ~ Lizzie xo

  2. I like that Oh Lola perfume. It has a great scents. :)

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  3. Both are my fave scent! That Oh Lola perfume bottle is to die for.
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  4. Both are my fave scent! That Oh Lola perfume bottle is to die for.
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