Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Especially Escada

Escada perfumes are really high quality, expensive looking but without a massive price tag like most perfumes. This 30ml bottle is £32 and although its not exactly cheap, its a lot cheaper than other perfumes of that size. 

Okay lets start off with the packaging, the outer box is very simple, hot pink with a gold lid and gold E's on the box. The bottle is definately the nicest perfume bottle I own although it was a tough decision as I also love the Marc Jacobs Oh Lola bottle but this won. It's a cube shaped glass bottle with a gold lid in the shape of 2 E's.

I am rubbish at describing scents so I will just show you what the Boots website says 

"Especially Escada … The FragranceEspecially Escada is built around a delicate rose accord. The result is a refined and sophisticated perfume that expresses soft femininity. Especially Escada says luxury but in a modern and light-hearted way.
The fragrance opens with an intense and sparkling top note of pear that combines with the exotic and musky notes of Ambrette seeds. Together they create a burst of sparkling freshness and the idyllic introduction to the all-important heart accord.At the heart of the fragrance lies the beautifully special scent of a fresh and dewy rose combined with a watery facet that captures the aroma of rose petals.In addition to the delicate rose notes, Ylang Ylang emanates a soft, floral and intensely feminine appeal. The luxurious combination of rose and Ylang radiate a fresh and natural aura of positivity; the uplifting ingredients synonymous with joy and happiness.Light musky notes to support the delicate floral bouquet complete the scent adding a subtle touch of femininity."

I really like the scent and it lasts about 5 hours on the skin which is quite good as I don't mind reapplying it throughout the day. It reminded me of Parma violets when I first sprayed it but I really liked it even though I hate the smell of Parma violets.

Have you got any perfume recommendations?

Megan xx


  1. Adore the bottle! My signature scent is Prada Candy!
    Would love you to stop by my blog & check out my latest post :)
    Happy Wednesday Hun xoxo

  2. I have a few samples of this I really like the way it smells and your right it does last pretty long on the skin :)

    Beauty Flawed

  3. Sounds like a really lovely scent, I might get a sample as I really want a new perfume for summer but just can't decide on which to get :p x

  4. I used to love Escada Pacific Paradise but their perfumes always get discontinued so quickly, I was disappointed but I found that most of their fragrances smell similar so I'm sure to find another one I'll love x

  5. Love the look of the bottle! I really like calvin klein and Chanel! Would love it if you could take a look at my blog -