Monday, 30 April 2012

Topshop cream blush in neon rose

I really love the packaging of Topshop makeup, although with this product the white packaging doesn't stay that colour for long. 

Anyway the Topshop cream blushes are really raved about by bloggers and youtubers and I am going to continue the hype. When I saw the Neon Rose in the pan I was unsure how it was going to translate onto the skin as it is so bright. There was no need for worry as they blend like a dream. You can make each cheek look the same even if you accidentally put different amounts of products on.

I apply it with my fingers as I find it the easiest way to do it. I did try a brush but the effect it gave wasn't as natural.

The cream blushes come in a number of colours and cost £6 from Topshop.

Have you tried any Topshop Makeup?

Megan x


  1. What a beauty. Love this colour a lot. I have yet to try the TS bushes but having swatched in store the quality and formulation is spot on.

    Becky’s Makeup and Beauty

  2. i ahve never tried a cream blush i have a bit of a blush phobia, so i am so scared i will look like an idiot with it.. may give it a go i hear great things about topshop and this colour is nice too.

    great blog hun now following xx

  3. I love this colour! I really love topshop make up, I have been obsessed with their lipstick in innocent.

  4. This looks lovely Megan! Might have to pop into my local topshop tomorrow and see what they've got in! Thanks for the blog.
    Elle xxxx

  5. This looks like such a gorgeous colour! x