Thursday, 12 April 2012

Guest post: Summer clothing wants

Aloha! :)

I hope you're enjoying the weather (that is, whilst it lasts). Typical British weather!!

I'm Hannah from Welcome To My Floordrobe, its a blog predominately about fashion and style but mixed with the odd bit of beauty and nail polish! And if you don't know what a 'floordrobe' is, I suggest you look it up, it's a mixture of the words 'floor' and 'wardrobe' which "does what it says on the tin" (to be incredibly corny like that) its a wardrobe of clothes on the floor - in my case, laundry that I'm too lazy to put back in my cupboards and drawers.

Anyhow, Megan is going away on holiday (lucky her!) and so I'm writing this guest post for her.

On the theme of holidays, I'm gonna tell you what I will be wish I was wearing on my sunny holiday to Hawaii whilst sitting at home revising for exams. Not that I would be prancing around in my biking like Jenna Marbles!

L to RBlue Poppy Bikini ~ £26 ~ Next, Biba Face Print Bikini ~ £50 both ~ House of Fraser, Aqua 3D Laser Cut Bikini ~ Top £17 Briefs £10, and Light Organge 3D Flowers ~ Top £18  Briefs £12 ~ River Island
I love the two River Island bikinis, especially the blue one, for me they just scream summer!

For a cover up and any extra beach clothes, you'll need something summery and not too light.

L to RCream Crotchet Vest Top ~ £19.99 ~ New Look, Buddha Cross Mullet Bracelet Pack ~ £10 ~ Topshop, Cameo Rose Coral Tropical Print Playsuit ~ £14.99 ~ New Look, Coral Bandeau Dippy Maxi ~ £37 ~ Miss Selfridge, Floral Printed Denim Gilet ~ £19.99 ~ New Look, Peacock Metal Trim Sandals ~ £19 ~ Dorothy Perkins, Models Own Nail Polish in Top Turquoise ~ £5 ~ Boots 

As you can see, I am teeny tiny bit obsessed with the colours, coral and turquoise - how did you guess?! ;)

Of course, this is if you are lucky enough to be gallivanting across the Mediterranean, if you do happen to venture into the colder parts of the world, (*ahem* England with its bi-polar weather) a duvet and some hand warmers are your best friends!

For make-up, I like to keep it relatively simple...
If you're on holiday it's nice to have a natural look - a whole face of (non-waterproof) foundation after a dip in the pool could be slightly slimy so it's best just to use some concealer like Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer (review by Megan) and maybe a bit of blush - preferably not powder because that's more likely to fade quicker - Topshop do some good cream blushes!

You'll need a little bit of lip balm as well, Carmex Moisture Plus in Peach (review by Megan) is great because it gives you colour and SPF protection which is important if you are going anywhere, especially when sunning yourself on the beach.

And hair wise, like the photo, braiding your hair usually keeps it less knotty or you can go for the Elle Macpherson beachy waves with help from the *ahem* natural salty wind or Bumble and Bumble's Surf Spray - slightly expensive but there are some good reviews about it out there.

I hope you enjoyed my guest post, my little corner of the web is over here!
I'd like to say a big thank you to Megan, who's probably having a fab time on holiday, and for letting me guest post on here - its an amazing blog!

~Hannah xx

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  1. I love the swimming costumes, the peach one looks great. x