Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Guest post: Revlon colourburst lipstick

Firstly, thanks to Megan for allowing me to guest post for her whilst she is away. I'm Charlotte and I blog over at Science Geek Chic. My blog is a mixture of both fashion & beauty, although I'm far from being an expert in either, it's just something I enjoy.

Today I'll be showing you a new favourite lipstick of mine. I bought this new lipstick a few weeks ago when Revlon was running a 2 for £10 offer. I'd been on the hunt for a Coral lipstick so after a friend suggested Revlon I decided I'd look at what they have to offer. I ended up picking up Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Coral along with another Colorburst which I'll review on my own blog another time.

First of all, the packaging! I love the quilting effect of the lipstick, one thing I would say is the quilted effect is only on the front or back so I have to double check I've put the lid on the right way as I'm picky like that. The top of the lid is colour coded to match the lipstick inside which is great if you have a few different colours from this brand.

The bullet....apologies for my out of focus picture, my camera didn't want to play ball today. What you can't see so well is that "Revlon" is etched into the bullet of the lipstick. One thing I was worried about with this bullet is that it isn't a traditionally 'pointed' bullet, so I wondered how easy application would be. I find it takes a little more precision but for those of you who apply with a brush, this obviously would be no problem.

On the lips, this lipsticks transfers into a lovely orange based red; not as coral as I may have liked, but thankfully not too orange. The formula of the lipsticks feels silky smooth and leaves a lovely glossy finish to the lips. I found the longevity of the lipstick to be very reasonable and when the feel of the lipstick disappears, there is a stain of colour left on the lips and it doesn't leave the dreaded ring of colour around the edge of the lips that I often find with a brighter lipstick.

All in all I was very impressed with this lipstick, the colour and the formula were spot on. The price I found was reasonable as I bought it on promotion, however when at normal price it cost £8 which is in the top end of a drugstore lipstick, but the quality does make up for this,

This was my first venture into Revlon make up but it's definitely made me want to try what else they have to offer!

Thanks again to Megan for allowing me to provide a guest post! Hope you all enjoyed my post and do give me any recommendations you have from Revlon! 


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